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Ms. Barbara Reese, MSW, LCSW, MPS, BC-DMT,
is the Owner and Director of the Women's Therapy Service of Montclair. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a NJ approved Clinical Supervisor. She is an Expressive Arts Therapist - a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, Board-Certified at the supervisory level.

Ms. Reese provides all aspects of clinical DBT - individual therapy, skillls training, phone coaching, and participates on a formal DBT consultation team. She is a member of the second cohort of the Linehan Institute Behavioral Tech's Comprehensive Training for Independent Practitioners in their Intensive Training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Ms. Reese is an experienced Eating Disorder Professional and treats the full-range of eating disorders - Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive/Binge Eating Disorders - in men and women, boys and girls. She developed The INNER IMAGE Program for Eating and Body Image Concerns which offers short-term and long-term treatment groups for adolescents and adults, held at the Women's Therapy Service. Ms. Reese has lectured widely on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and on the psychology of body image - in schools, national/international conferences, and for athletic forums.

She has a non-profit affiliation with A.N.A.D., a national non-profit organization for the advocacy for eating disorders. Ms. Reese is the Coordinator of ANAD of Northern New Jersey, which is a monthly support group held at The Saint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center in Livingston. She coordinates teams of Professional and Recovered Leaders who facilitate these multi-family support groups, that are free and open to the public. This support group site was recognized in the Forum for the Academy of Eating Disorders Journal, in 2009.

She is an experienced Child/Family Therapist and treats children from toddlers to teens, with play therapy, expressive arts therapy, and talk therapy. She has worked in Child/Adolescent Psychiatry at leading teaching hospitals in New York City, such as Mount Sinai Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center. She sees children starting at age 2 for a variety of developmental issues - such as eating, depression, and anxiety. The treatment always includes Parent Guidance. Her expertise with adolescents includes eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, and depression.

Ms. Reese has extensive experience with Grief/Loss Counseling. She works with children and families who are also supported by grief organizations such as Rainbows, Good Grief, and C.O.P.S – Concerns of Police Survivors, for families affected by a parent/spouse killed in the line of duty. She is in the process of becoming a Collaborative Law Professional and utilizes this constructive approach in counseling children and parents in their journey through Separation and Divorce process.

Throughout her professional career, Ms. Reese has utilized the Arts in Psychotherapy. Her graduate degrees are in Expressive Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute (MPS, 1987) and Clinical Social Work from New York University (MSW, 1993). She is an experienced Dance/Movement Therapist, Board Certified at the Supervisory level (DTR- BC). This mind-body blend is a core foundation in the treatment orientation for all of her clinical work.

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Ms. Vanessa Matos, MA, LPC,
is a Licensed Professional Counselor, experienced Clinical Supervisor, and member of our group psychotherapy team. She provides counseling in a multi-cultural context, and can treat in Portuguese and English. She provides both child/adolescent and adult counseling, and parent guidance. Outside of the Women's Therapy Service, she holds a position of Clinical Supervisor for a leading non-profit Essex County agency that helps at-risk children and families.

Ms. Matos has an expertise in the prevention and intervention of eating disorders. Her clinical focus has been with the full range of eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders, utilizing CBT/DBT techniques. She is trained to treat in children and adolescents - anxiety, depression, grief/loss, adjustment to medical illness, adoption related issues and academic and behavioral issues. She applies stress management techniques with adults and youth to increase personal coping.

Ms. Matos has a masters degree in counseling from Montclair State University and has completed the Adoption Certificate Program at Rutgers University. In addition, she is certified in the Post Traumatic Stress Management Model by the Trauma Coalition of New Jersey. Ms. Matos is experienced in working with children and families impacted by trauma and traumatic loss, and uses a range of counseling methods to help the child or family heal and move forward.

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Ms. Kaity B. Rodriguez, MSW, LSW,
is a Licensed Social Worker. At the Women's Therapy Service, Ms. Rodriguez is our Young Adult and Adolescent Specialist and is a member of our Group Psychotherapy team. A firm believer in education as an essential life tool, Ms. Rodriguez is a 2008 graduate of New York University School of Social Work after graduating Magna Cum Laude in Psychology and Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina.

Combining Cognitive-Behavioral with Insight-Oriented approaches, Ms. Rodriguez is able to help young adults and teens resolve symptoms of depression/anxiety, grief/loss, eating disorders, self-esteem or self-image dissatisfaction, in a positive and lasting manner. Her Multi-Cultural orientation helps young adults, adolescents and their parents, come from a position of strength when arriving at solutions that are unique and appropriate for their family.

Ms. Rodriguez is passionate about inspiring and equipping young men and young women with the tools they need to be their strongest, most confident selves, to avoid being taken advantage of, or bullied. She has a strong background in helping with community youth organzations.


Mr. Brian Pollack, MSW, LCSW,
is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mindful Meditation Instructor, and a member of our Group Psychotherapy and DBT Skills Training Team. At the Women’s Therapy Service, he provides Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Family Counseling.

He is an Eating Disorder Specialist with experience with the full range of eating disorders from Anorexia, Bulimia, to Binge Eating Disorder. He utilizes evidence-based approaches such as DBT, CBT, MBCT, and is on the certification track to obtain this CEDS (Certifed Eating Disorder Specialist). He maintains a position at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset's Eating Disorder Program as a Primary Therapist on the inpatient, partial, and IOP levels of care.

Mr. Pollack is experienced with co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse, mood disorders, and trauma. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and his Masters in Social Work from NYU, and integrates the arts, creativity, and role play in psychotherapy.

As a Social Work advocate, Mr. Pollack has a Board position for the Jewish Services for the Developmentally Disabled of Metrowest in West Orange, NJ.

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