Evidenced-Based Therapy
For Children, Teens & Adults

Evidenced-Based Therapy For Children, Teens & Adults

          Eating Disorder Recovery Groups         

WINTER 2018- 2019

       Daybreak  DBT Skills Program  -
         The Eating Disorder Track  

For Eating Disorder Recovery and Relapse Prevention

from Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder



for Adults in Eating Disorder Recovery



           Adult  Women DBT Skills Group

                         TUESDAYS 6:00 PM


  Young Adult DBT Skills Group - CO-ED

               Emerging & University Adults

                        MONDAYS 5:00 PM


       TEEN DBT Skills Group - Co-Ed

      College Prep - High School Students

                       THURSDAYS 6:00 PM



  Middle School/Young Teens/ Multi-Family

                     WEDNESDAYS  5:00 PM


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Our years of experience with eating disorder recovery, have taught us that for the recovery of eating disorder one needs to Identify one's emotions, and address  the over-control of emotions and eating patterns or the dysregulation of emotions and eating patterns.

This is accomplished best in our Daybreak DBT Skills Group  - the Eating Disorder Track.

In the eating disorder track of our Daybreak DBT Skills Groups, one can develop tools and skills to resolve the maintaining factors and target symptoms of eating disorder recovery:

                                                                  Black & White Thinking

                                                        BODY CHECKING & BODY AVOIDANCE

     Overvaluation of Body weight, shape, & size

       At-risk behaviors of Restricting, Purging, or Binging

       Negative self-talk, feelings of shame, guilt

   OverExercise or exercise avoidance

Body Dysmorphia


                      To resolve difficulties with eating “Fear Foods” , The Eating Disorder Track of our DBT Coping Skills offers:

Meal Support Exposure Sessions – Individual and Group



"How do I feed my hungry heart?
                                   What am I really craving?”



                         YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD

                                 AND YOUR SELF-ESTEEM!


Join our Daybreak DBT Skills Program

 to further your recovery  from your eating

 disorder.... today!  


   “How can I feed my heart and soul?” “What am I really craving?