Evidenced-Based Therapy
For Children, Teens & Adults

Evidenced-Based Therapy For Children, Teens & Adults

Ms. Kathryn Hanson, MS, LMFT



Ms. Hanson is Staff Clinician  in our Daybreak DBT Skills Program for Pre-Teens, Teens, and Adults. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  with a masters degree  in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Ms. Hanson completed her post-graduate, Level 3 Foundational Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy from Behavioral Tech, the training institute of Marcia Linehan and is committed to  DBT as a  comprehensive treatment method and prevention tool for emotional dysregulation in children, adolescents, and adults.

  As an Eating Disorder Specialist, Ms. Hanson works with teens and adults with the full range of eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder and is a firm believer in full and  complete recovery as the treatment goal.  She advises early intervention and assessment of eating disorders, when prognosis is most optimal.

As an evidenced-based clinician, she specializes in treating the depressive disorders and anxiety disorders - panic, OCD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and PTSD. She is skilled in providing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and holds certificates in Trauma-Based CBT and Play Therapy.  For separating or blending families, Ms. Hanson's mission as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is to support each individual to feel safe and secure in their family system during time of family transition.

Ms. Hanson believes her greatest strength as a therapist is developing a strong client-therapist relationship. She believes building a relationship of openness, trust, and optimism is essential for change to occur.  Ms. Hanson provides evidenced based interventions that assist the client in reaching their goals in a supportive and empathetic environment. She believes the most effective way to create change is through collaboration and the utilization of the client’s strengths. Ms. Hanson is enthusiastic to facilitate positive transformation with her child, teen, and adult clients.

Ms. Hanson is a professional member of: 

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals